Vehicle Data Management for Engineering Firms

Accurate trip reports without the paper!

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Accurate trip reports without the paper!

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with an annual subscription

$182.50 / per vehicle

Are you an engineering firm managing a fleet of professional vehicles? 

Is keeping records and preparing reports a time consuming and often complicated job?

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the perfect solution for your vehicle data logging and reporting needs. 

Developed, with the help of our customers in the construction industry, to help field professionals and drivers track vehicle usage data and to issue accurate reports for communication with their project managers and accountants

With you can: 

  • Track vehicle mileage and CO2 emissions data with GPS accuracy. 
  • Prepare and report data digitally. 
  • Invite and collaborate with your team on multiple vehicles.
  • Eliminate accounting and reporting complexities, such as calculations of commute miles and trips between jobs.

Improve your business with an

annual subscription

$182.50 /per vehicle

Ιncluding our FREE data

logging OBD2 device. 

30 calendar days


We understand the value of your time and money.

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